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Our vision & mission

Empowering the future of pharmaceutical innovation through strategic on-demand outsourcing, supply chain and procurement excellence. Our vision is to redefine industry standards by seamlessly connecting cutting-edge therapies with the right experts bringing tailored solutions, driving efficiency, sustainability for a transformative impact.

We are committed to empowering our clients with on-demand expert guidance, innovative strategies, and personalized support to optimize their operations, accelerate development timelines, and advance groundbreaking therapies for the benefit of global health.

The team

Some of our growing community of experts

Benoît Collin

Principal & Founder,
ClinOps & TechOps Procurement

Bruno Jacob

ClinOps & TechOps Procurement

Sophie Bernois

Supply Chain, Systems & Processes, Project management

David Moseley

Clinical Supply & Laboratory Procurement and Operations

Alain Samne

Corporate Procurement CoE
& Business Development

Thierry Tordjman

Medical devices, Capex and Packaging solutions

David Morrison

Technical Operations Procurement & Supply Chain

Luc Dreier

Technical Operations Advisor

Support & Solutions

  • Clinical and Manufacturing Experience

    A unique blend of clinical and manufacturing outsourcing experience to create that bridge in your development cycle.

  • On-demand Experts

    We offer access to the people with the skills matching your specific needs when you need them, one hour a week or more.

  • Innovative therapies and solutions

    A keen focus on innovative therapies like ATMPS (Cell, Gene and Tissues advances therapies) and Psychedelics based therapies, both game changers and both in need of innovative solutions.

  • Concepts development & vendors clustering

    Use us as a resounding board to your ideas. We bring outsourcing solutions together even when they don’t yet exist by engaging our network of suppliers to look beyond their existing portfolio of services.